There is no better way to experience our wines than to come along for a tasting. We offer several, from just a glass to the more advanced tastings where you can sample specialty wines.
The standard tastings involve a selection out of the young wines and/or an aged wine, ranging from 1 to 5 wines.
Premium tastings include the possibility of tasting our top brand, Luscinia Eximia, as well.
And the library tasting is something for real wine lovers. 4 wines from our best past vintages in one taste flight. Book Now

Guided Tour

Get a feel for how we transform our grapes into wine. Experience this first-hand in a tour that shows our winery in all its aspects.
The tour starts off in the village of Orcau. A small walk brings us to the winery, located just beneath the ruins of the castle.
Inside we’ll explain the different stages of winemaking like grape sorting, fermentation, pressing, and aging. Here we make high quality wine with a maximum of respect, and thus with a minimum of intervention.
To appreciate a finished wine, we’ll return to the village for a glass in our tasting room at a recuperated ancient wine cellar.
The tour takes more or less 1,5 hours.
On special request, vineyards can be visited, depending on weather conditions. Book Now

De la Roca a la Copa

How did that wine in your glass come to be? Well, geology did it, for a large part. And we will explain you why.
On this tour you will visit a vineyard and even descend a few meters below it, to the realm of the dinosaurs that once roamed the same land, millions of years ago. It will give you an impression of how soil formed on these rocks and how time prepared it for man to plant some vineyards on top.
The tour will give an in-depth explanation on what exactly determines the quality of wine and will demonstrate the rich local history of both geology and winemaking.
The tour also includes a visit to the Sauvella winery showing the important aspects of our elaboration process, and ends with a wine tasting in which we seek to recognise the characteristics of this territory. We wish to expose how rock eventually transformed into wine. Book Now