Our wines have quickly developed from among the best of the region to belonging to the finest of Spain.
We create wine with a clear philosophy: giving you the best yield from our vineyards, producing wines with unique character and committing to respectful, natural winemaking principles.
We guarantee delivering a product that will satisfy wine critics and connoisseurs alike, but also the occasional wine drinker. Opening any of our bottles gives you the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique wine. Each of our wines have their own character, some are perfect for a romantic mood or for a touch of exclusivity at a special occasion, others are a welcome fresh sip after hiking along one of the ancient paths in the Pallars.
For these singular moments, or simply for adding to your collection. Sauvella Mirifica and Sauvella Qarant are excellent options. These really are the finest of the Sauvella oak aged range: both are powerful wines yet very smooth on the palate.
Next, we have two oak-aged wines by the name Luscinia: Luscinia Eximia and Luscinia Canta. Blends that exemplify richness and intensity, perfectly suited to enjoy now or to keep for years.
Sauvella’s spectrum of wines includes young reds, whites and roses as well. We even make a sweet red wine every once in a while.
Please be advised that all our wines are available in limited quantities only, due to our small scale operation.
Connoisseurs who wish to add something special and luxurious to their collection, need to look no further than Sauvella’s premium wines with personality that carry the soul of the Pyrenean soil.

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